Quick Dry Cleaning Software is the most comprehensive and user friendly software for the cleaning industry. With users across the globe it offers complete automation of the dry cleaning or laundry business enabling increased profits, reduced pilferage and also systematically reduced garment loss and mix up. Available as both desktop based and web based flavors this software enables you to touch maximum efficiency possible with your existing team.

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Comprehensive list of features in a dry cleaning software

Your Business on Cloud

We manage the Software so that you stay focus on your Business.

From Drop to Pick Up

Track clothes through complete Dry Cleaning and Laundry Workflow.

Superior Customer Experience

Live status updates of orders through modern communication channels.

Lost Clothes & Wrong Deliveries?

Track each garment throughout the workflow, ensure the orders readiness or time, no wrong deliveries.

Enhance Customer Experience

Be relevant to the changing lifestyle of customers with Emails & SMS communication.

Reduce Waste and Increase Profits

Information is now on your fingertips to control your business, improve efficiency, reduce expenses.

Grow Your Business

Run your business like a professional and transform yourself from store keeper to a businessman.

Blend of Dry Cleaning and Technology

We are you! We are 2nd generation Dry Cleaners with 100 years of combined tech experience.

Not a Techie!! Not a problem!!

You stay focussed on your core business and clients while we take care of the technology needs.

Quick Tour – Video

To understand the software better, we welcome you to watch this video. This is a recorded session of our product consultant showcasing our software to an interested dry cleaner.

This takes you through how you can use this software to generate an order, track garments and orders, deliver the garments back, manage cash, access reports and many more functions.

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